Projection mapping is already pretty immersive, but one company in Spain wasn’t happy with the level of immersion – so added a new dimension.

Onionlab, a Barcelona-based multidisciplinary art studio dedicated to motion design, took it upon itself to develop a projection mapped show which is 3D.

This new level of immersion works by having the audience members don on a pair of anaglyphic 3D glasses, like the ones found in cinemas.

‘Diplopia’ was created as the headline show for the second annual International Mapping Festival in Girona.

Onionlab was challenged to come up with a piece that explored opposing concepts like light and darkness, flexibility and rigidness, dryness and wetness, noise and silence, and other contradictions.

To allow people to get the full benefit of these concepts, the company decided to explore anaglyphic 3D, something that is not regularly used in projection mapping.

A building façade in the middle of Girona was transformed using explosions, bubbles, ripples and shatters – with some spectators calling it ‘breath-taking’.

Due to the enthusiastic reception to the show, Onionlab is now exploring 3D projection mapping even further.

Speaking to Fast Company the project’s executive producer, Joel Mestre, notes: “We’re really looking to find new territories to visit in Europe, the US and Asia.”

It is not just about transforming building façades though, as the company also has ambitions to bring the technology to rock concerts.

“We love music and we’d love to produce some big shows to tour around the world,” continues Joel.

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