Alcons Audio is once again providing audio for a notable German theatre, with the company’s audio system having recently been specified for the Musikalische Komödie (Musical Comedy), a division of the Leipzig Opera and one of the highest occupied stages in Germany.

Known as ‘MuKo, the theatre is famous for its operettas and musicals, as well as a few notable ballet performances. Now the theatre is known as the home of an Alcons Audio system consisting of an LR7, VR8 and SR9.

The company HFE professional studio technology from Leipzig was responsible as an advisory and executing service provider for the installation. Hans Hermann Hönsch from HFE explains: “I’ve known Alcons Audio for a long time and recommended the Alcons LR7, because the system is in my opinion particularly well suited for theatre. Already in mid-2014, we organised a comparative listening session, whereupon the heads of the Musikalische Komödie unanimously agreed to Alcons.”

The new PA system was installed under sporting conditions during the running season. It now consists of six Alcons LR7/90 (one RBN401 4in pro-ribbon driver and 6.5in woofer) micro line-array and two Alcons LR7B (12in neodymium woofers) line-array bass as low frequency support per side. The centre unit consists of a further four Alcons LR7 / 90. In addition, two Alcons VR8 (one RBN401 4in pro- ribbon driver and 8in woofer) monitors have been installed on each side of the orchestra pit.

The auditorium can also be expanded to include 3x Alcons SR9 (one RBN401 4in pro-ribbon driver) as front fills – an option that the musical comedy is currently only using during microport performances. In addition, two BF362 double-18in subwoofers are available for particularly bass-intensive applications. The entire system is powered by a Sentinel10 and three Sentinel3 four-channel amplified loudspeaker controllers.


Tobias Finke, Tonmeister and sound department manager, considers the theatre as “technically up-to-date”. The acoustic challenges in the hall were not to be neglected, as he explains: “The Musikalische Komödie is a very early concrete construction, arc-shaped with facets in the interior. This creates a few strange reflections and other unique hall effects. In addition, self-resonances are an issue. The room is excited by the PA quite severely. All this had to be considered and controlled as much as possible.”

“This is where the Alcons LR7 fully demonstrate their strength,” adds Hans. “Especially the line arrays sound at low sound pressure levels as good as at high levels, which cannot be claimed by all sound reinforcement systems. With pro-ribbon tweeters you do not have this typical ‘horn effect’; The speaker does not ‘bellow’ at you, but has a very refined and even coverage. But even if it has to be more powerful, Alcons plays very well.”

Sound engineer Holger Weise adds: “In musicals, the location of the sound source plays an important role and by arranging the front fill and centre, we have now solved our imaging problem very well. You do not have to drive at such high levels, which is very pleasant. What surprised me a lot is that we have two separate subs that can be selected, but you do not really need them even during shows with complete live bands.”

“In fact, we still did not use the subs!”, confirms Tobias. “We once ran them against the built-in basses and found the latter more pleasant for our purposes. They do not go down quite so deep, but on the other hand they do not excite the room too much. The bass response of the LR7 series is really amazing.

“The clarity in the reproduction has been noticed by many people – from musicians to technicians to our guests.”

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