Meeting room technology specialist, Ashton Bentley, will unveil its new range of ‘out-of-the-box’ presentation and video conference meeting room systems at ISE 2017, based upon the manufacturer’s Wave OS operating system. The solution has been created with the aim of mirroring the communication methods people commonly use in their private lives, bringing that familiarity into their day-to-day business lives.

The manufacturer notes that professionals are accustomed to using smart TVs and smartphones and that they commonly use Apps such as FaceTime, Skype and WhatsApp. Businesses now want to integrate the same multi-platform and flexible approach into their audio visual and video conferencing systems.

However Ashton Bentley notes that until now the marketplace has not taken the step into the App-driven world.

What Ashton Bentley’s Wave OS does is to provide a soft codec-agnostic App platform, allowing users to use their preferred communication platform from an ever growing list of Apps – including Skype for Business, Google Hangouts, Cisco’s Spark, Pipex, WebEx, GoToMeeting, Polycom, StarLeaf and Zoom. In addition, businesses can load business-specific Apps onto the platform such as calendar, Reuters, IPTV or training videos.

Ashton Bentley Wave OS operating system

“Based on a number of flexible Apps, Ashton Bentley has liberated the meeting room through Wave OS, allowing staff members to interact with the meeting room display in a way that they are comfortable and familiar with,” says Tony Leedham, business development director, Ashton Bentley. “This could be Skype for Business in one meeting and WebEx for the next, without a need to change hardware.”

Wave OS also provides full local or remote administration, management, control and diagnostics of each room system deployed through its proprietary abSee management console. This provides administrators with a set of tools via a dashboard allowing real-time system and profile management, fault monitoring and user metrics.

Through the web-based abSee console, individual user or room profiles can be managed and given separate profiles depending on business requirements. This means users can sign in with their own profile so as to have access to the apps and functionality they want in any meeting room wherever in the world that may be.

New hardware includes fully integrated intelligent displays, simplified wired and wireless device connectivity, echo cancellation, high quality speakers and cameras, and a unique range of optimised huddle and meeting room table solutions.

“We recognise that meetings are stressful enough,” Tony adds. “The last thing your staff need is for the technology to let them down. Ashton Bentley is restoring confidence in meeting room technology with seamless, simple audio visual and video conferencing systems for the millennial generation, out-of-the-box. The future of meetings is here. It’s flexible. It’s intuitive. It’s smart.”

A complete room system with Wave OS is available from £6,000. Those wanting more information are encouraged to visit the company on booth 14-P400 in hall 14 at ISE 2017.

Ashton Bentley meeting room


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