Atlona Inc has announced that it is to open its International Headquarters next month in Dübendorf, near Zurich, Switzerland. 

Ronni Guggenheim, a seasoned technology executive and most recently the managing director Navori and CEO of Barix, has been named general manager of Atlona International AG and will be based in Dübendorf.

Ronni will oversee all international sales, support and marketing for all territories outside North America, including Latin America and Asia-Pacific.

“This will bring our sales, service, support and training teams closer to our distribution partners and other customers in Europe, the Middle East and Asia,” says Ilya Khayn, CEO and co-founder. “It makes an unequivocal statement about the strength of our commitment to international business and to building a global brand.”

“Atlona is firmly committed to the channel business,” Ronni clarifies. “We are building structures to strengthen our support for partners and broaden our reach into the market. It’s a great opportunity to join such a dynamic company and work with this motivated team. We have several milestone events coming up, including a very busy ISE in Amsterdam and I’m looking forward to a very successful 2016.”

Why Now?

“This is our first international office outside of America,” Ilya confirms. “Three or four years ago we started focussing a lot on commercial space and it’s been very successful. For the past few years we have made significant investments into the US in terms of products, service and support – which has done phenomenally.

“At the same time, with this very minimal investment, we have also seen a phenomenal growth in Europe as well. Just six months ago we had only three people based in Europe. We realised there are a lot of opportunities for us there; also internationally there are quite a few challenges for our customers. They need local support, they need local marketing and we need to mimic internationally what we provide to the US by giving them the same level of service and support.”

Why Switzerland?

“We said we would make a significant investment this year, so we decided to open up an international company to help our partners be even more successful than they are today by offering them localised marketing, support and sales,” says Ilya. “The most important element is the service logistics; it’s difficult for our partners to send products back to the US so we are giving them a local place to do that.

“Why Switzerland? Well, it’s a central location that is close to all major economies and it’s very to easy to conduct a business from there.”

What will the office be used for?

“The office will not be for logistics out of Switzerland, but we will follow through next year by starting to look at international logistics,” Ronni reveals. “Actually, the typical location for logistics in Europe is usually the Netherlands.

“Atlona has historically been a very channel driven company and 100% and not a single per cent less of our international sales are being sold through our channel partners. For us it’s a very important message to let it be known that the operation of this office is not geared for direct sales, it’s geared to support our channels. That was the main motivation for this office. Since I have joined we have hired eight people to join the team and we will cover all of the markets outside of the US from Switzerland.”

Why is Atlona only now focussing on outside of the US?

“We have only scratched the surface when it comes to giving more attention to outside of the US,” answers Ilya. “2014 to 2015 has been the best year for our company overall, and 2015 isn’t over yet. This year alone we have launched over 24 new products – we have been really focusing on bringing the right solutions to the market.

“We have had phenomenal success, so we realised that this would be a good time for Atlona to make an investment as we have had such great momentum, plus it is a good business opportunity as well. These are really exciting times for Atlona.”

What training will the International Headquarters offer?

“Atlona has been on the cutting edge when it comes to the infrastructure of training,” says Ronni. “One of the very early investments that we decided upon was to replicate our successful training in the US and build the structure to support the international market.

“The place has a space dedicated to training – it’s not a huge office but it’s a significant investment for us. We also have an e-learning tool – which has been a tremendous success – which we have started to localise it into other languages, with the priorities at present being Spanish, German and French.”

Atlona International will conduct a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the Dübendorf headquarters on Tuesday, December 15.


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