CORE Lighting is expanding its offering with a battery-powered LED batten dubbed ‘StripPoint’.

The company already offers a range of solutions using wireless LED technology, with StripPoint being the latest addition to this industry.

Measuring 1m long, the StripPoint unit was built in the UK and features 18 RGBW LEDs that can be pixel-mapped and which emit 4,000 lumens while only drawing 75W of power.

Each LED cell can be individually controlled with a homogenous mix of four colours using red, green, blue and white LEDs.

In order to run the unit in ‘wide’ mode, it requires 72 DMX channels, but the company says that it will produce ‘stunning effects’ as a result.

The StripPoint is completely battery powered, with CORE Lighting claiming that it will last eight hours in two colour rainbow mode.

Users will also have the ability to run it fully wirelessly using WDMX, or if they prefer, using mains power.

StripPoint is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, thanks to its IP65 rating, while a selection of lenses are available to vary the beam angles.

CORE Lighting is already shipping StripPoint units to some customers, with Stevenage-based events company Production Plus having already acquired one.

“It was a completely logical move to add a complimentary LED batten to our range,” says CORE’S Phil Ion. 

“Battens are useful in numerous scenarios and many clients were requesting it for wall washing or spectacular visual effects, both indoors and outdoors.”

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