Designed to provide budget-limited venues with another method of updating their lighting systems, the ColorSource PAR is a new LED luminaire produced by ETC. Schools, houses of worship and small theatres are among the other target applications for the new fixture.

Since ETC began developing LED luminaires, the company has spent a lot of time experimenting with colour. ETC has applied this expertise to the ColorSource PAR, which uses a proportionate blend of red, green, blue and lime LED emitters to produce a richer, more natural light output than other budget LED fixtures. “It’s so easy to see difference in light quality,” said ETC Fixtures product manager Jim Uphoff. “The ColorSource PAR is in another league when it comes to colour, delivering the most beautiful light that a four-colour LED can produce – all without breaking the bank.”

ColorSource PAR users can benefit from the colour calibration that ETC achieves on all its LED luminaires. They are tested for uniformity, so a lighting system with multiple ColorSource PARs will have the same colour from fixture to fixture. And they’re designed to compensate for the droop that typically plagues LED fixtures, so the ColorSource PAR’s output will look the same from the beginning of a show to the end.

In addition, the ColorSource PAR doesn’t require extensive lighting knowledge to use. “This is a great fixture for students just starting out in lighting or small venues with staff who don’t have lighting training,” explained Jim. “It’s easy to set up and works with or without even the simplest of lighting desks. You can just plug it in and get it working in seconds.”

Like all of ETC’s products, the ColorSource PAR comes with ETC’s customer and technical support, which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, for the lifetime of the fixture.

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