Gatorade Centre Is First Finnish Ice Arena To Install Genelec

Integration company, HifiStudio has installed 12 Genelec 4040A and 4 Genelec 4030A loudspeakers in the Gatorade Centre, home to Finnish ice hockey team HC TPS. This makes it the first ice arena in Finland utilising the products. The loudspeakers have been installed in the sports bar and in the players’ locker room areas.

Mika Eskola, CEO of HC TPS comments: “It’s amazing that you can get so much power and clarity from such compact loudspeakers. We want the best for this organisation, and to do that you need to work with the best in the business, and that is what we did with Genelec. We were so happy with them that we decided to get some more Genelec speakers for the rest of the arena.”

HifiStudio came back a year later to install 25 4030A speakers in restaurant and seating areas around the arena, which are used during ice hockey matches as well as at concerts and other events.

Antti Vuorilahti of HifiStudio says: “The customer wanted to have a setup with great brand image and sustainable products from Finland. Genelec products are sustainable, good looking and sounding and the brand is very well known in Finland. The sound is suitable for both loud and quiet listening so it is convenient for all different kinds of events.”

The team’s famous black and white colours have also been transferred to the Genelec speakers, with a customised two-tone speaker design to match the jersey and logo synonymous with TPS – an idea that came from Antti at HifiStudio.

He adds: “The Genelec factory was more than happy to produce these for our customer. This project and the colouring are quite unique, so this is a win-win situation for everyone.”

The speakers have been used extensively in a variety of different scenarios, which are reported to deliver ‘excellent sound quality’.

Mika Eskola at HC TPS says: “All kinds of music gets played on them – we often hear the players playing heavy rock music and rap, but also much quieter music is sometimes played on the speakers, in the restaurants for example. They have always sounded great, with anything from Rammstein to soft piano music. It’s brilliant that they can handle that variety with no problems.”

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