Installers Share 24 Horrifying Wiring Messes

Before: Sam Hayne, of Cinematic Inc. in Corona, Calif., has been fixing messes like these since 2005. This is the before shot.After: Ah, so satisfying!Light Done Right "When you do it right, you can give it some RGB light!" says Guy Levandofsky.Part 1: Lou Santello just has one thing to say. "You should see the rest of it."Part 2: So, naturally, we wanted to see the rest of it. Here it is. Thanks Lou Santello. This hurts our eyes!Ahhh Want to feel better? Here you go, courtesy of Dustin Berry of New Mexico.Rack Art Dustin Berry calls this one "rack art." We agree.Before: "Here is a shot of a system my customer paid a hack $350k for. Nothing worked, to watch TV was a 10 button cycle on a $2500 touchscreen remote. It was obviously the so-called integrator's first big job," says James Hallen.After: "This was a very low budget, make it work 'please' situation," says James Hallen. Two days later, this was the result.Colourful Mess Stan Savage of Ark. says "This one I saw a while back ... needs some TLC."To the Rescue! Luckily, CE pros come to the rescue. Stan Savage says "This is what a 911 PSAP rack looks like when my coworker and I get done with it."Back of the Rack The back of Stan Savage's completed rack. This is how it's done.Do It Right This is how to properly wire "Audio Control Units for the dispatcher stations, DMARC and other 66 blocks for the system," says Stan Savage.No Rack? No Problem "When the customer refuses to have a rack installed, everything can still be well laid out and dressed on a backboard," says Stan Savage. "Take your time and do it right. The person you are doing a favor for in the future might just be yourself." This photo features an optical switch, flex router and VoIP expansion module.Excuses, Excuses This "first generation lighting system" was encountered by James Budow of Calif.Ugg James Budow has nothing to say about this one but "ugg."Before: Ronnie Hubbard of Tennessee shared this before photo.An After Job Hubbard also shared this beautiful photo, of one of his jobs.Before: Michael Letizia, president/CEO of Crystal Visions Telecom Group based in New York, just finished working on this horrifying mess.During: This was after about 5 hours...Before: Sean Harrington shares this wire horror story.After: The after: shot of Sean Harrington's project. (You can see the old rack to the left.)

Yikes! Check out these before and after wiring and cabling jobs shared by pro AV integrators…

When CE Pro Eu published a story on seven horrible wiring jobs, readers exploded with their own photos of disasters they had seen over the years.

“The sad part is that these pictures are not the exception but generally the rule,” says William Zidek of the earlier CE Pro story.

How do these wiring jobs happen? Mac Burks says it’s offen the customer’s “I don’t want to spend that kind of money on a rack; can’t we pick something up from home depot?” mentality.

But more often than not, the integrator is to blame.

“The big problem I’ve seen over the years is, when called in to these redo jobs, it’s not only the wiring that’s inadequate but also the programming, usabiliy and reliability too,” comments James Hallen. “These customers have become tainted and as a result non-trusting. It’s a hurdle that we must cross. From my experience, I would say 95 percent [of integrators] do the job wrong and 5 percent do the job right.

“My simplified business statement is ‘If it’s not perfect, it’s wrong.”

This article first appeared on Commercial Integrator.

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