Taking up residence on stand K190 in hall 14 at ISE 2017, LEDBlade is gearing up to showcase a new type of LED strip – dubbed the LEDBlade Curve.

As the name suggests, this unique LED strip features a curve to allow it to be fitted to a non-flat surface. Up until now installers have been forced to either use LED tape or attempt at making flat LED strips work on a curved surface – but with the LEDBlade Curve, that’s no longer a requirement.

Like the LEDBlade Stripe, which can be stitched together with other strips to make one cohesive unit, the LEDBlade Curve can be expanded upon to create any geometric design or cover any length.

LEDBlade Curves can be used in any combination together, as well as in conjunction with LEDBlade Stripes. Both the LEDBlade Stripe and the LEDBlade Curve use the same cabling and power options and are IP-rated for indoor and outdoor use. LEDBlade offers numerous fastening and securing options, including sliding, rotating or magnetic, to suit individual requirements.

Radoslaw Bogusz, LEDBlade’s regional sales director, comments, “LEDBlade is a valuable addition to any conventional visual equipment. The feedback from customers is consistently positive and every new LEDBlade installation or event creates a new user. The wide range of visual possibilities it creates needs to be seen to be believed – and ISE 2017 is the opportunity to do so.”

ISE 2017 will mark the first time European customers will get the chance to view the LEDBlade Curve.

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