Skywalker Sound, the sound effects, sound editing, sound design, sound mixing and music recording division of Lucasfilm, is behind some of the biggest films in the industry – and now Meyer Sound has helped the company experience that sound.

Meyer Sound’s Amie, the first studio monitor from the company in more than two decades, is being used at the Disney-owned studio.

Films such as Ant-Man, Pixels, Minions, Jurassic World, Inside Out, The Good Dinosaur and, of course, Star Wars: The Force Awakens have all benefited from Skywalker Sound’s talents.

Meyer Sound believes its Amie studio monitor meets the demanding needs of Skywalker Sound, ‘bringing a level of clarity professionals can trust’.

Skywalker Sound specifically tasked Meyer Sound with creating a new studio monitor with precision translation, exceptional power and a great price point; with the company rising to the challenge with Amie.

“Amie brings an incredibly smooth response across the spectrum,” says Leslie Shatz, Wildfire Post Studios sound designer and re-recording mixer who has worked with a beta version of Amie.

“It is very accurate for dialogue EQ evaluation in post-production and despite its light weight, it can handle as much power as I need even when monitoring very loud sequences.

“And most importantly, its translation is spot-on when I listen to my work in larger mix theatres including the Meyer Sound-equipped Wildfire South Stage.”

Meyer Sound believes that its speaker is capable of reproducing ‘every element with utmost accuracy and consistency’.

Amie is an extension of the translation featured in the Meyer Sound screen channel line to studio monitoring.

Amie will begin shipping in November.

Orders can be placed directly via the Meyer Sound online store and will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

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