MVS Brings Slick, High Brightness Video Wall And AV To Morgan Randall

London estate agent, Morgan Randall has a reputation to upkeep, and to complement its state-of-the-art website, professional property photography and trendy new offices nestled within Shoreditch in London, it wanted to invest in a top of the range audio visual solution with maximum impact to engage with customers and showcase its dedication to being the best.

The initial requirement for Morgan Randall was to implement a high impact video wall into the large expanse of window at its new office. As with most large investments, Morgan Randall invited three AV contractors to bid for the work, with MVS Audio Visual Services coming out on top.

“They want the best staff, the best office and the best audio visual solution,” Alistair Maher, business development manager, MVS tells CIE. “We like to think our attention to detail and willingness to go the extra mile stood out in our offering.

“The brief was very fluid throughout the process and we had to be able to react quickly to the constant changing of requirements,” he continues. “I truly believe that seeing is believing, and the AV integrator is there to advise and recommend the right solution for the client, but with constantly evolving technologies and more and more manufacturers within the market, clients can get bamboozled with the choices, so I take a selection of products I think are the best and let the client make the final decision.

“I am sure there were 10 or more suitable products for this project, but you have an obligation to advise the client and offering 10 products is not doing that. I put two of the best products against each other and showed the client first-hand; they then know they are looking at the best and can make a decision based on requirements and budget whether they are suitable. That’s exactly what we did with this client.”

MVS presented demonstrations of all equipment prior to agreeing the final design, keeping communication lines open at all times. This attentive approach clearly worked, as MVS quickly secured the project, installing a large 3×3 video wall, which is now the main focus at the front of the office. Dynascan High Brightness video wall panels were selected to ensure content stood out to passer-bys, and crucially, is visible in all conditions.

“You often see a number of high street locations using standard brightness equipment, and it is really not up to the task and the end result is significantly diminished,” Alistair advises. “Dynascan arguably deliver the best high brightness screens on the market with the most products available to offer clients, including video wall panels, stand-alone large format displays, stretched LCD panels or 360 degree LED video displays. They are the perfect choice for retail applications.”

The video wall is powered by the same Datapath equipment MVS installed at Caviar House & Prunier. Holding the video wall in position is a bespoke video wall mount, while the ceiling mounted system uses a track system, enabling MVS to install the video wall as close to the window as possible with minimal gap.

“This is great for two reasons, firstly impact; the video wall is almost touching the window and does not lose any of the brightness when installed further into the building, and secondly future maintenance and adjustments are easily carried out as the video wall glides back approximately 1m into the building allowing front access to the video wall,” Alistair explains.

A total of 14 Samsung 24” high brightness screens were used along the front elevation of the building to offer further customer engagement, built into the custom-made shop fit in the windows. The internal system on chip technology was used alongside MVS’ cloud based digital signage licenses across the office to deliver custom signage to capture the attention of the passing public.

In addition to the window displays, MVS installed a 65” reception screen, again, with a digital signage license and a media player with a HD unit for TV capture. A background audio system was installed across the office with three individual zones: reception and front of house, main office and meeting room. Bose speakers were selected to provide a discreet level of audio in these areas.

The meeting room needed some thought as to a suitable solution due to the aesthetics of the cutting edge-designed office, leading MVS to hide all of the equipment in the ceiling and in equipment racks in the comms room.

An Optoma projector was installed into a Screen International projector lift in the ceiling along with a recessed, Screen International tab tensioned projector screen. Barco Clickshare was installed into the comms room along with Apple TVs and a hardwired HDMI input plate in the meeting room.

“The client was suspect of the Barco Clickshare product as they have had bad experiences with wireless presentation systems in the past,” Alistair reflects. “We assured the client of the quality of their products and they specifically made reference as to how impressed they are with the workings of the Barco system.”

MVS installed the same equipment into the client’s other two offices in Balham and Canary Wharf, using slightly different configurations of screens and videowalls. “At Canary Wharf the client has asked to dim the screens in the evening as they are so bright!” he points out. “A credit to the MVS solutions, I think.”

For MVS, the difficulty faced on this project was designing a solution enabling the video wall to be installed as close to the window as possible, while retaining access capabilities.

“Using standard bracketry, we would have needed to push the video wall further into the office to allow access for engineers to install and maintain inbetween the window and the video wall,” Alistair reflects.

MVS specified a roller track system hung from the ceiling, only with no track on the floor – as requested by the client.

“This obviously puts a lot of load-bearing onto the system in only three points on the ceiling, but we were not fazed by this and designed a column-mounted roller track for the 3×3 video wall; the end result looks fantastic. Not only does it look great, but the roll on the roller track is smooth and unyielding.”

Describing this as a “straightforward digital signage project” with some additional requirements including audio and meeting room technologies, Alistair points out that the digital signage solution needed to support the high impact visual displays throughout each branch and offer the scalability and remote management of all assets. Without the central management of the cloud digital signage system the client would have had a segregated signage system managed locally, which is time consuming and counter intuitive. Now, the client is able to control and monitor the system anywhere in the world.

“My personal favourite part of this install has to be the high brightness 3×3 video wall in Shoreditch hanging from the roller track system,” Alistair enthuses. “It works effortlessly and the impact of the screens from the street is like no other project we have been involved in. Almost every passer-by has a double take, which is exactly what we were trying to achieve!”

Whilst Morgan Randall is delighted with the end result of the video walls and the brightness and clarity of the Dynascan screens, Alistair says that the client is most impressed with the 24” High Brightness Screens in the shop front.

“Morgan Randall paid a premium for these 24 inch displays as it was a considerably more expensive option to the alternative available in the same size. We chose these displays because they are super bright, brilliantly clear and amazingly reliable,” he concludes.

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