SGM ‘No Brainer’ For Splendour In The Grass

This summer saw SGM take on a starring role at four-day Australian music festival, Splendour in the Grass, which welcomed over 30,000 festivalgoers each day.

Following his 2015 work titled ‘Programme One’, Melbourne visual artist Sam Songailo returned again in 2016, with an installation fitting entitled ‘Programme Two’.

Programme Two involved an intricately painted structure covering approximately 400sq-m, with 50 individual m x 4 m tall pillars placed in a Colosseum-like configuration.

Taylor Chadwick from ETA returned to the festival in the capacity of lighting designer, again opting for SGM fixtures. For this year’s installation, he deployed eight P-5 wash lights and one G-Spot in the design.

“Sam’s works typically involve striking colours and bold geometric patterns,” says Taylor. “I required LED wash fixtures that could complement this at night, immersing the space inside of the work in deeply saturated colours, while also having the intensity to throw light over a distance, casting shadow outward as a continuation of the structural lines of the structure. The P-5 at a wide lens option fulfilled this design spec perfectly and operated flawlessly throughout the festival.

“The G-Spot was deployed as a key figure of the artwork, acting somewhat as the epicentre of the entire area,” he adds. “Standing above the crowd atop a 5m upright, we used the G-Spot as a searchlight which pivoted continuously on its pan, searching the doorways and crowd as they entered the artwork. The response was perfect – people were chasing and jumping the beam as it circled the artwork.”

Exposure to the elements of the outdoor festival was also a key consideration for the design team: “Based on our experiences from previous years, we had to ensure that the specified lighting fixtures would be able to withstand extended periods of heavy rain,” he reflects.

“Last year, the SGM units operated flawlessly despite the torrential rain, so it was a no-brainer to utilise the IP65-rating of these units again this year.”

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