Integrator, The Works spotted an opportunity to deliver some impactful AV in a restaurant in the Algarve expanding on its name of Wildfire and called on Sun-Light Solutions to help.

Having previously witnessed Sun-Light Solution’s Digital Light Surface technology, The Works wanted the client to be able to capitalise on its name and some recently created work on display in the venue by artist Gareth Thomas

The idea was to use the Digital Light Surface to crease some animated Wildfire scenes.

Digital Light Surface technology is designed to bring interiors to life with engaging digital light scenes triggered either by 24/7 scheduling, a dedicated App, wall switch or motion sensor.

The Digital Light Surface panels are built around an extruded aluminium frame 90mm deep.

The effects are created using intelligent RGB LED’s working with a net-workable control system with a built-in web browser for remote scheduling, set up and control.

The panels can be mounted in portrait and landscape orientation, on-walls or ceilings and the effects can be synced together for fluid transitions from one screen to another.

Translucent fabric placed in front of the intelligent RGB LED’s provides a diffused light source.

The existing ceiling already had a series of reveals offering white light, so six reveals were removed and Digital Light Surface panels were installed in a similar configuration to pendant lights, fitting flush to the ceiling.

A bespoke control App was created with wildfire artwork as the background, other scenes include blue sky with moving clouds and sun, Dolphins swimming, single colours including a complimentary blood red scene.

Each scene completely changes the atmosphere of the restaurant, but the wildfires scenes really sets the tone for this high-quality Smokehouse & Grill.

In its fifth year of business, Sun-Light Solutions acts as specialist distributor to the UK and Europe for amBX Lighting control, Welltherm Infra Red heating panels and its own Digital Light Surface panels.

The company prides itself on being able to deliver total solutions, tuned to specific projects for the dealers.

Past projects have included 3m Innovations Centre, which included an 8m x 3m animated light wall and lighting for 16 offices with controllable RGB lighting using amBX control.

The company also delivered a 10m x 2m Digital Light Surface project in a high profile car showroom in Germany, 10 rooms of RGB lighting with amBX and Control4 in an Ibiza venue as well as an animated swimming pool ceiling with RGBW and amBX control with Lutron scene and video triggers.

All these projects were carried out in close partnership with CI dealers.

As for this latest venture, Kevin Martin, MD of Sun-Light Solutions, explains: “The project came about by the guys at The Works knowing that an artist friend was developing a series of wildfire artwork to hang in the restaurant and realising that they could present animated fire like scenes into the ceiling, this was put to the owner in a presentation with the owner saying, ‘why would we not do that’!

“Once the principle was decided upon. Exact measurements were required of the existing reveals in the restaurant ceiling and then manufacturing to those tolerances. Each surface was suspended from steel string and adjusted so that all surfaces were flush with the original ceiling. Each surface has individual DLS controllers mounted to the rear and were connected in series and connected to the main comms cupboard for Internet connection and available from the bespoke iPad Mini App. The surfaces were built in the factory and scenes downloaded and tested with the control App prior to shipment, ensuring an easy set up on site was achievable.”

As far as unique technical challenges presented by the project, Kevin says: “The only real technical challenge was the measurements of the ceiling reveals, ensuring that these had right angles in the corners and then manufacturing the light surfaces to fit and they did, perfectly!

“My favourite part of the install was at the grand reveal to the client, when we were surrounded by the owner, his staff and family and he said, ‘go on then, put fire on my ceiling’ and we did, his face was a picture!

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